Thursday, June 16, 2011

I think I smell fish

Each week I sit on the bus reading the Red Eye on my way to work and look at the new restaurants.  Each week my mouth waters and I start brainstorming about who I'm going to get to go with me with the new place and how I'm going to do it.  While casually talking to my friend a while back, GT Fish and Oyster came up. 

We decided we go and after some arranging and rearranging we ventured there yesterday.  I was able to try three different oysters, which were very yummy and all very different.  I had two west coast oysters that were sweet but my favorite was the butter tasting oyster (sorry can't remember the name).  I feel like the other small plates were more scrumptious than the oysters.  The shrimp, pistachio, grapefruit, avocado bruschetta was amazing as well as the lobster roll.  We walked out being very happy we went there.

GT Fish and Oyster had a great ambience about it.  It was lively, fun, a bit on the loud side, but yet romantic and personal.  Next time you want oysters, seafood, a nice glass or wine, venture over to GT Fish and Oyster and I promise you won't smell like fish walking out but rather feeling satisfied!