Thursday, May 19, 2011

Girl and Goat--A Top Chef Experience!

Sorry it's been awhile since I've written last but I've been busy with my professional life and have finally gotten around to sitting at a computer and writing.  One of my great adventures right before to Easter was to go to Girl and Goat, as my foodie friend, Angie was in town.  We trekked down there late on a Wednesday night hoping to snag a spot at the bar.  When we arrived the wait was 45 minutes so we figured we would grab a glass of wine and wait patiently, as we thought it would be worth it.  Fifteen minutes later, we were escorted to one of the king tables to sit right in front of the line and right in front of Stephanie Izard herself.  I was pretty stoked but a little shy to go ask to take a picture with her, next time I guess.

Because this is a place to share, we decided on four plates--the green beans, goat belly confit, the pork shoulder and calamari stuffed with lamb sausage.

First to arrive was the green beans and scrumptous they were, but a bit on the salty side.  Next came the calamari.  I can honestly now say I've had shortbread crisps which is pancreas and it didn't taste so bad.  It was part of the lamb sausage.  Third was the pork shoulder.  It was so tender and the taste of the pork decadent.  It was lacking lots of flavor though, which I was hoping for, but I guess not.  Lastly, and one the most amazing plate was the goat belly confit.  I can honestly say I still see that plate of food and taste it in my mouth just writing about it.  It was so amazing.

I have to say I was slightly deflated after being here.  I guess I was ready to be blown away by the food wondering how quickly I could return there.  I'm definitely glad I had my Top Chef experience :)

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