Thursday, April 21, 2011

#86 See Blue Man Group at Briar St. Theatre

I was introduced to Blueman Group through my uncle Matt who always aspired to be a Blueman but because of his height was limited on even getting an audition.  Ever since watching one of their live DVD shows, I always wanted to see them live.  I was able to see the touring Blue Man Group while in graduate school, which was really good.  When my friend approached me if I wanted to see Blue Man Group, I hopped at the chance.  I had heard they had a new improved show and to see them in their actual theatre, why not!  We chose not to see the painted seats, but instead we were right behind them.  It was such a funny show and very entertaining. It was a bit sad we didn't get to take any photos, as the show is amazing.  I know Blue Man Group may be a bit tourist thing to do, you still should think about checking it out.  It is a great event especially for someone not into musicals and PS the seats that can get painted on, don't get that much paint :)

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