Sunday, April 10, 2011

There are a few perks of this industry...

When many think of an audiologist, they don't think wow I bet they are really cool and get to do really different things--well we may surprise you!  We had our national convention (AAA) here in Chicago this past week.  We were able to learn things to further our education that will affect our patient care.  We also got to do a few things on the side!  One of those events was attending a live show from Collective Soul! 
Taking place at the Excalibur, it was an unusual venue!  As not the most popular hot spot in the city, I was a bit hesitant to go.  With three floors and multiple stages, there was plenty of entertainment and a great place to visit with people.  Collective Soul put on a great show! 
The icing on the cake is that I got to see Joel, the guitar tech for Collective Soul!  I got to see and catch up with him.  The perk was that at the end of the show, I got to help with some of the lights :)

You never know what audiologists will be upto next!  We always are doing something fun...

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